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Little Chance Girl
Lets going to school !

Hey Enchancer and Greyson Chance ! This week is a school week guys -__- ! I wish i had home school like Greyson Chance. FYI , in Malaysia we will start school in January after 1 months of vocation. I get so much fun in my vocation ! Hby ? This year i got a big exam. PMR !! Its like a killer ! I must study hard to get a straight A ! 8A’s is mine and I’ll promise it ! Ohh guys, it 2012 ! Greyson gonna back again to Malaysia !! Take a note about the concert and book a ticket early ! I scared if a ticket gonna be SOLD OUT !!! I want meet Greyson,talk with him (personally) ! Okay guys. Wish me luck this year ! And i’ll wish you loyal enchancer gonna meet GREYSON MICHAEL CHANCE this year!

xoxo #MuchLove